InternetModelling is a virtual studio. They advertise heavily, so many women sign up to InternetModelling thinking┬áthat it’s actually a cam site, but it’s not. This studio takes a huge percentage of women’s earnings and provides absolutely nothing of value in exchange.

It’s the number one studio we caution women interested in camming to avoid, and we do a lot of work helping women who unwittingly signed up to InternetModelling leave the studio. I would never recommend that a cam girl sign up to internetmodelling. There is absolutely no reason to do so, everything that studio ‘offers’ is actually provided by the cam sites themselves.

03/19/2014 Update to answer the comment below
InternetModelling (IM) can be a very difficult studio to leave. Generally the contract states that any cammodel who signs up to InternetModelling can only sign up to Streamate independently 6 months after the contract with IM has expired, and this contract tends to be enforced by the cam site.

A few suggestions would be as follows. If you discover you have unwittingly signed up to Streamate via IM but haven’t streamed on cam yet, do NOT do so. Don’t even log in to your account. Request to have the IM contract closed, and after that has been done try signing up to Streamate directly using a different email address and form of ID than was used with IM. For example, try signing up to Streamate using a passport if a driver’s license was used when signing up through InternetModelling.

If that doesn’t work, another suggestion would be to sign up to (do NOT use your cam name as your user name when signing up) and post in this thread:

There are no guarantees but the cammodels on that forum can try our best to make suggestions based on your specific circumstances on how to successfully leave the studio.

Good luck.

5 thoughts on “InternetModelling

  1. Hey Jaslene, I’m a moderator on the forum linked in the update above. If the suggestions posted above don’t work please do join our forum (don’t use your cam name when you sign up) and hopefully we’ll be able to provide some suggestions on how to leave Internet Modeling without having to wait the six months to sign up independently. I wish you good luck with this.

  2. One thing I would add about Internet Modeling is that they do weekly pay-outs. This can be nice I guess if you are in a pinch and willing to accept the extra cash loss. I was one who unwittingly signed up for Internet Modeling while looking for the cam site I wanted to join. Luckily I was familiar enough to recognize the sites they were offering me to work on and I realized that they were offering less pay. For example, the chaturbate token is usually .05 cents but working through Internet Modeling you only get .03 cents each token. If you need money ASAP and are willing to take the payment cut I guess it could be handy, but I personally cancelled my account! Good luck!

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