To sign up as a performer on Chaturbate (Model application form) you must first create a user account through a link that is used by both customers and camgirls. After sign up you must then register to ‘start earning credits’ and must upload identity documents for proof of age in order to enable the collection of tokens. On Chaturbate some camgirls and men perform unpaid as ‘exhibitionists’, so unless you register to earn tokens you will not be able to collect tokens from customers.

In order to become a paid camgirl on Chaturbate you will need to download their contract, sign it and upload it, and also upload a scanned copy of your government ID. You will be notified by the site when your account has been activated to accept tokens. From there, as a cam girl you can earn tokens both from group and exclusive paid chat shows and through free chat tips. Once the payout minimum of $50 has been reached, you will be paid bi-weekly (on the 22nd and the 7th of each month) after a one week hold on your earnings.

Chaturbate is a cam site in the style of myfreecams in that many cam girls perform in free chat for token tips, setting token goals for certain acts. The site also allows for ‘group mode’ (private chat with 3 or more customers) or private chat (only one customer). The site allows performers to mute or block disruptive members, and also allows performers to select a room moderator (a customer responsible for blocking/muting rude guests). The site also gives prizes of $10 per hour to the most popular chat room and $5 to the second most popular chat room. While similar in style to mfc the site is not quite as ‘popularity-driven’ making it an easier site upon which to start out. That said, the earnings expectations for successful camgirls are lower on Chaturbate than on MyFreeCams.

Chaturbate allows geo-blocking, the ability to block guests by gender and permits men, transsexuals and couples camming. One token equals $0.05 for the performer

19 thoughts on “Chaturbate

  1. Hello. My friend currently uses chaturbate and all it’s affiliate sites. They would like me to join them and I’m very intrested but I have a few questions for you guys first that they were unable to answer fully for me.
    1. Would this show up on my employment history?if so what would it show up as?
    2. If you use “indelendant contractor” does it show the company I worked for? If so what would it say for the company?
    3. Do you report to any creditors or the bbb or anything?
    4. Do you know of any way to remove it from my employment history if I decide to leave?

    Thanks so much and I look forward to your answers and hopefully working with you!

  2. Lol that was meant to be sent to someone who could answer my questions. Please delete the comments. Thank you.

    • You can never be sure. Nowadays you can take screenshots of everything, so if you don’t want to expose yourself or you want to be 100 % sure nobody has explicit pictures or videos of you, don’t become a cam model.

  3. I’ve worked on a few sites and cam most days at Streamate. However due to the many technical issues I signed up to Chaturbate as a ‘back-up’ site but am very disappointed with how it’s working for me. People seem to think they’re doing you a great honour when tipping you just 2 or 3 tokens. Hello, 100 tokens is only $5 for models! I love the features and can see it’s potential but it just never seems to earn me the same as Streamate does. Such a shame. Any ideas would be most appreciated. Divine Blessings, Melanthe xxx

  4. Are there any sites where the cam girl can wear wigs, masks, etc. to just add a bit of anonymity? I need the money so badly but I’m terrified of any future employers finding a screenshot of me or something…

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