AdultWork is a British-based cam site. Camgirls are paid in credits, and each credit equals 1 GBP, of which the camgirl receives 65-70%. The site offers a wide variety of features such as paid chat only, free chat, pre-booked cam shows on Skype and yahoo and the ability to sell photos, videos and erotica. US-based camgirls need to have a passport in order to join Adultwork; American driver’s licenses are not considered acceptable forms of ID for sign-up purposes. Adultwork does allow male, transgendered and couples camming.

On Adultwork camgirls earn their income from private (group) and exclusive cam shows, pre-booked messenger shows and through picture, video and erotica sales. The site offers a tipping feature, but tipping is not a heavily prevalent feature of the site. In order to work on Adultwork a cam girl must upload a copy of her government ID and a picture of her holding her government ID.

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  1. hi I am a british girl from London and I want to be a cam girl on ur site..i would like to know how to apply for it… kind regards

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