Webcam sites: What Are My Options and What Mistakes Should I Avoid?

Once you have all your equipment ready and have decided which types of camming you’d like to try, it’s time to sign up to some cam sites and start working. The most important thing for cam girls to keep in mind when choosing how to sign up for a cam site is to avoid virtual studios. While physical studios offer some benefit, albeit at a high cost, to cam girls who lack a private space to work within their own homes, virtual studios offer no benefits and generally just collect a portion of your earnings for having recruited you. Many cam girls get tricked into joining studios and lose out on a significant portion of their earnings as a result. For more information on how to avoid studios and keep more of the money you earn on cam, check out this link.

Please note that if you encounter an ad online, chances are you dealing with a studio. Established cam sites that have paying traffic do not need to recruit models. Often virtual studios will attempt to trick girls into signing up with them, under the pretense that the either the studio owns a cam site, or grants special access to a wider range of cam sites and customers than cam girls would if they were to sign up directly to a site like Chaturbate, Streamate, MyFreeCams or IMLive. In truth, this is a lie. In signing up to a virtual studio or ‘webcam modelling agency’ you will be working the very same sites that you would if you were to sign up to these sites directly, only in signing up directly you will be able to keep significantly more of your earnings. You do not need to join an agency to webcam, and any company offering special privileges or perks to women who sign up with them are lying.

One of the most notorious virtual studio companies is InternetModelling. This company advertises heavily and is primarily a virtual studio for Streamate. Women who join this studio lose out on $45 for every $100 they earn ‘in pocket’ (or 15% of the gross, before the cam site takes its 65% cut). For every $100 earned by a cam girl who signs up to Streamate directly, a cam girl who works for InternetModelling will only earn $55. Over time this adds up to a significant amount of money women are paying an agency who offers absolutely zero benefits in return. Further, it is very difficult to leave this studio once you are a member, and you are not permitted to work Streamate on an independent account for a full year after leaving InternetModelling. See below for the direct sign-up link to some of the most popular camsites:

  1. Chaturbate / Registration link
  2. LiveJasmin / Registration link
  • Streamate / Registration link
  • Cams.Com / Steamray / Registration link
  • AdultWork
  • MyFreeCams
  • ImLive
  • It’s generally recommended that cam girls sign up to a few different sites, at least two, in order to see which site works best for her. There is no one ‘perfect’ site, and different people can totally different experiences of the same cam site environment. Of everything written above, that’s the most important message I hope to convey. There is no ‘one size fits all’ earnings bracket, cam site or method of camming. Everything about this job is intensely unique, and learning as you go is a big part of the job. There is a tremendous freedom inherent to that, in that you are completely your own boss and YOU decide what to do and where and when to do it, but that uncertainty can be intimidating and unnerving as well. Have confidence in your ability to do well, work hard and you’ll be in the best position to succeed in this field.

    For further reading, I highly recommend a camgirl forum called StripperWeb.

          Site Percentage Free Chat Optional Geo-blocking Allows Men/Couples Covers Chargebacks
    Streamate 35% no yes yes yes
    MyFreeCams 50% ($0.05 per token) no yes no yes
    AdultWork 65-70%** yes yes yes no 29% yes yes yes no
    IMLive 30% yes*** yes yes no
    Chaturbate 50% ($0.05 per token) no yes yes no
    LiveJasmin 30% yes yes yes no


    Site Payment Options Minimum Cashout Payment Hold
    Streamate wire, check, payoneer,FedEx $30 check* 3 weeks (can be reduced to 1 week for US based performers).Payments each week
    MyFreeCams direct deposit to your bank, bank wire transfer, check, Payoneer, Paxum, Payaza, OKPay Varies based on payment method No hold, payouts twice per month
    AdultWork european bank account, Payoneer, Paytoo mobile and cheque 30 credits Payoneer/Paytoo,50 credits check,150 credits european bank transfer 2 week hold, payout on request check, Direct Deposit, wire transfer, PayPal, Payoneer and Paxum $50* 5 days, payout every 2 weeks
    IMLive check, courier (US and Can only), Payoneer $50* no hold, every 2 weeks
    Chaturbate check, wire, Paxum and Payoneer $50 1 week
    LiveJasmin check, Payoneer, Paxum $100 4 weeks


    *minimum payout levels are $100-$150 for wire or FedEx/courier

    **65% for ‘direct cam pay per min’, 70% for pre-booked Skype shows

    ***after a certain number of hours of free chat streaming


    12 thoughts on “Webcam sites: What Are My Options and What Mistakes Should I Avoid?

    1. hello I have seen some girls in jasmin who work there and also parallel on another site… I hear always a ka-ching sound effect of money and this does not belong to jasmin… I would like to know which site has this ka-ching so I could try it also while camming on jasmin. ty

    2. I have a friend who just joined a new studio and she cams live at streamate. So, she gets 35% of what she earns from streamate. She just found out that the studio is taking 65% and paying her the rest. She made 338 according to streamate (her cut) then the studio is taking 65% of that 338. She is their first model. She said well maybe its because I am the only model is why they are taking so much. My response, B.S. I said they screwin you but good.

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