Gold: the ‘currency’ used on streamate. 1 gold=$1 USD

Token: the ‘currency’ used on a variety of camsites.

myfreecams and chaturbate 1 token= $0.05 USD

Credits: the ‘currency’ used on AdultWork.com. 1 credit=1 GBP

Traffic: potential customers and observers in your free chat room. Not all traffic is created equal; as the amount of site users in your room does not necessarily translate into paying traffic (paying customers)

Free Chat: broadcasting for free, entertaining customers in one’s free chat room before being taken into a private (paid) show

Private Chat: pay per min private show with one or more cam site customers. Generally more than one customer can enter private chat, and the cam girl receives her per min rate from each customer in the private chat room

Exclusive Chat: a pay per min private show with one cam customer. No other customers may enter the private show; it is exclusive to one customer

Free Chat Optional: Offered on some cam sites such as AdultWork and IMLive. The cam girl has the option of setting her room to ‘private’. She is only paid when a customer enters her private chat room, but she does not entertain potential customers for free in free chat.

Geo-blocking: A feature of many sites that permits camgirls to ‘block’ customers from specific nations, states/provinces and/or cities from accessing her chat room. While geo-blocking affords camgirls an additional level of privacy, this feature is not perfect and does not guarantee that customers from blocked regions will be barred from viewing her room. Also, the use of geo-blocking excludes cam girls from advertising campaigns, meaning that she will receive less promotion than camgirls on her site that do not enable geo-blocking.

Virtual Studios: To be avoided. Virtual studios act as recruiters and trick unwitting camgirls into signing up to cam sites through their studios. Virtual studios offer nothing of value and take a portion of cam girl earnings while giving nothing of value in exchange.

Physical Studios: Are an option for cam girls who lack the space or privacy necessary to cam from their own homes. At a physical studio, the cam girl broadcasts from the property owned by the studio. The physical studio charges either a flat rate or deducts a percentage of the cam girl’s earnings in exchange for providing a location from which the cam girl may work.

Cam Score: a feature on myfreecams where camgirls are ranked based upon a numerical camscore that factors in time online, tokens earned and the amount of both in relation to other camgirls working that site. Placement on the site is based on camscore, with cam girls with the highest camscores ranked at the top of the home page

Chargebacks: Occur when a customer who has paid for a private show disputes that charge with his bank or credit card company and he receives a refund. Some sites such as streamate cover chargebacks, meaning the camgirl does not have her paycheck docked to cover the refund. Other sites such as IMLive, Cams.com and LiveJasmin do not cover chargebacks, meaning that cam girls may not be paid for every private show she performs. IMLive and LiveJasmin are generally considered to have higher than average levels of chargebacks.

Couples Camming: A cam site account upon which two or more individuals perform together. Generally cam sites require all parties involved in the account to upload proof-of-age identity documents. Undocumented performers are not permitted on any cam site.

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