How to become successful model OR some webcam marketing

While cam sites offer marketing and promotion, driving traffic to chat rooms via advertising and white label websites, the most successful camgirls always promote themselves. Self-promotion not only helps one attract a larger base of customers, but also helps to build and maintain a base of regular clients.

For most camgirls, social media such as twitter, tumblr and instagram are popular forms of self-promotion. This can involve tweeting when one goes online, posting sexy pics that entice both new and returning clients back to one’s chat room and fostering a real connection with one’s clients by tweeting and posting about daily life. Further, blogs such as tumblr are an excellent vehicle for bringing your personality to the forefront of all that you offer, as the most lucrative and loyal regular patrons are interested in far more than just tits and ass.

In using social media and blogging it’s wise to create profiles, handles and blog dominas that contain your cam name, and this makes it easy for your regular clients to find you by doing a simple google or bing search, thus getting around the ‘no offsite contact’ rules that many cam sites enforce.

Marketing is about more than just spamming cam site profile links, it’s about engaging in a two-way dialogue with one’s followers and viewers, and while marketing can be time consuming it does pay off financially. Camgirls who blog and use social media such as twitter and instagram earn more than comparable models who rely solely upon cam site traffic, making the investment of time and effort more than worth it in the long run.

6 thoughts on “How to become successful model OR some webcam marketing

  1. Great idea about using social media/ and choosing web nom-de-internets… I would add, also have Amazon Wish List (with or without secret address). Many men friends will want to send you something special/ pretty… just as male-lovers look at Victoria’s Secret Catalogue for their lady friend, so too will your virtual lover wanna-be want you to wear those hot red bra and panties… and guess what? You should foster and grow this notion. Have a wish list with as many gifts on there as you want; 50-100 items! and too, at different price points/ levels… $1-5 dollar/ $10-25-50 dollar/ +$100.

    However, please put gifts on your wish list that you really want, and will have an appropriate level of “Thank You” response… Wear it, thank him for it, mini movie/ lots of photos… etc.

    Hope you have all your dreams come true!

    • Добрый день, выбирайте сайт который вам понравится, заходите по ссылку в правом верхнем углу с названием сайта который выбрали, делайте регистрацию и готово.

  2. I’m interested in becoming a cam model I have a few concerns I have kids and I worry. I want to make money to support them but advertising how do I keep anyone that I don’t want to know from knowing.

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