Accounting for webcam model

As self-employed independent contractors it is essential that camgirls keep track of earnings, as there is no hourly wage or salary to rely upon. Many camgirls create daily or weekly earnings goals based on the following factors:

fixed expenses (rent/mortgage, phone bill, etc)

typical discretionary spending levels (food, entertainment, etc)

taxes (which vary based upon nation of residence)

savings (both long term and short term/emergency funds)

Once added up and divided down to daily or weekly amounts it’s much easier and accurate to discern the earnings amounts that will be required to maintain one’s desired lifestyle, meet one’s needs, pay taxes and save and plan for the future. These latter two items (taxes and savings) are often neglected but are equal in importance to items such as fixed expenses. Taxes need to be paid, and finding yourself at tax time unable to pay your bill is not a position in which any camgirl should ever find herself. In terms of savings, since camming is an inherently unstable income source (in that there is no hourly wage or salary) and comes with no medical or dental benefits, having savings to coast through lean times, health issues or unexpected expenses is vitally important.

To create an earnings goal and accounting system first decide whether you wish to create a daily goal or a weekly goal. Then compile your expenses, estimated taxes and savings goal for the month and then divide by either 30 (for daily goals) or 4 (for weekly goals). At the end of each day or week compare that goal with your target goal to see where you stand, and adjust earnings goals for the following days or week accordingly.

Being a self-employed independent contractor means that camgirls are solely responsible for their own earnings, accounting and protection. As such, compiling one’s exact income needs and planning to achieve the earnings goals required is vital to long term success and financial success.

3 thoughts on “Accounting for webcam model

  1. MyFreeCams is not a good site they say they pay 50% but they really pay 40%. On myfreecams the guys are rude and do not want to pay, And after being on my freecams for 3 or 4 years they make it were you can not see your friend list and people can not see you.

    • That is absolutely not true. I cam on myfreecams, and I most definitely get my 50%. I know cam models who have been on that site for over 5 years and they don’t have a problem with becoming invisible to people on their friends lists. The only time you can’t see people on your friend list is if you changed your geo-blocking locations or if your friends ended their membership. You will be blocked from being seen by the friends who are in the locations you have blocked. Or maybe there was a glitch? In which case, the model can contact the site model support.

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